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The Premise
The IT (Information Technology) industry is underserved by its media providers because it represents disparate topics from telecommunications to software development. Unlike almost any other profession, every IT professional is unique in his interest and involvement with the diverse spectrum of vertical technology categories. Most have significant responsibilities in a handful of well defined areas while periodically dabbling in several of the remaining myriad.

The Competition
In contrast, technology magazines and media products generally focus on a particular overall segment and work to become the “voice of authority” on that broad category. Not surprisingly, most IT media consumers subscribe to two or three major publications from which the read an average of 34%* of the proffered content. And while they consume the fraction of content of interest to them from these vertical publications, their other technical areas of interest remain virtually unaddressed.

Unique Product
IT Solution Journal (www.itsj.com) invented the term “community content” back in 2001 with the launch of our flagship print magazine. Today’s web-based ITSJ leverages our network of over 500k subscribers by enlisting experts in over 100 individual technology categories to report and classify the content that they read each day while doing their jobs. From EWeek to the latest academic journals our OpenCall experts tell us what’s important so that we can stream that content to ITSJ subscribers who have shown interest in that topic.

Now IT Pros aren’t limited to subscription approvals or by the time it takes to canvas pubs for relevant articles. IT Solution Journal works as their personal media agent locating and presenting news, article, case studies, webcasts and research tailored to their unique situation.

Built in Credibility
Shouldn’t new CIOs want to see what the CIO of Ford Motor company is reading? Wouldn’t an ambitious web developer love to get the daily reading list from the Web Architect at Amazon? These are the kinds of connections that IT Solution Journal makes for our subscribers. And with SmartStream, you can get your recommended reading list delivered right to your inbox each week.

User Friendly
Best of all, the only thing required to train IT Solution Journal to work for you is to use it. After you register, just click on the headlines of interest to you. We can’t wait to learn what you want and need to read. Make IT Solution Journal work for you.

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