U.S. Energy Sector Latest Target of Russia-Linked Hacking - 3/16/2018
Platform : Hacking
7 Social Media Security Issues Your Business Faces - 3/12/2018
Platform : Security
Facebook Automatically Upgrading Links to HTTPS to Improve Security - 3/5/2018
Platform : Security
Xage Ahead of the Pack with Blockchain-Protected IIoT Security Platform - 3/5/2018
Platform : Blockchain
Cybersecurity for Energy's Critical Infrastructure - 3/4/2018
Platform : Cybersecurity
New non-security patches arrive for Win10 1607 and 1703; 1709 update likely soon - 2/23/2018
Platform : Patches
Intel Confirms Security Flaws Were Kept Quiet for Security Purposes - 2/23/2018
Platform : Security
The Case for Cybersecurity Certifications - 1/14/2018
Platform : Education

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How Blockchain Technology Is Making Other Industries More Efficient

The ways blockchain is transforming business and technology is alarming. It seems like only a year ago no one but the most committed early adopters of cryptocurrencies and blockchain had even heard of the tech, much less accepted it. However, as the technology matures from simple store of value (and even more simply, a speculative tool), it is quickly building value not just for the start-ups who create and profit from the technology, but by making the way businesses function safer, quicker, and more efficient than ever...

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