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1. Biggest tech IPOs of 2020
The 2019 calendar year will long be remembered in the eyes of public market watchers as the year of WeWork. Once billed as the most valuable startup in the United States, the company unraveled in dramatic fashion after filing its S-1 with the SEC, thanks to numerous issues with the company's business model and management practices.
Origional Story Date :9/18/2020
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | IT Industry
2. 10 hidden tricks for making the most of Android gestures
Google's made some serious changes to the Android navigation experience over the past few years, going from the old-style three-button setup to a somewhat clunky early gesture model in Android 9, then a whole other new gesture system in Android 10, and then finally a slightly refined version of that same gesture model with this year's Android 11 release.
Origional Story Date :9/24/2020
News | Computerworld
Information Technology | Hardware | Mobile Devices
3. 5 steps to AI transformation and survival
If an operating model defines how an organization positions people, process, and technology to deliver customer value, then companies with an AI-first operating model are those that prioritize the use of AI to weave more intelligence and automation into the firm’s products, processes, and experiences.
Origional Story Date :9/21/2020
News | CIO Magazine
Information Technology | Artificial Intelligence
4. Facebook Is Pushing Hashtags Again. Why?
The whole thing happened at the beginning of August, when Facebook started sending out prompts to people who run a business page. The prompt popped up on screen and suggested that users add a hashtag to ‘connect your post to a larger conversation’. This is news because Facebook has not done this for a very long time. It hasn’t made a big deal of hashtags for business users for years.
Origional Story Date :9/20/2020
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Online | Social Media
5. Mitigate Zoombombing With These Simple Tips
With people across the globe now working from home, Zoom has become almost a must-use for those who need to attend teleconferencing meetings for business. Of course, with that rise in popularity for the tool comes the inevitable abuse that goes along with market share.
Origional Story Date :9/16/2020
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Hardware | Telecom | Video Conferencing
6. How to Implement Digital Innovation in a Post-Pandemic World
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will eventually come to an end, but not before it’s given rise to the creation of new digital products, services, and businesses (collectively known as digital innovation). These new digital innovations are inevitable because the current landscape demands them (and because organizational innovation is critical to organizational success and survival).
Origional Story Date :9/8/2020
News | Business 2 Community
Information Technology | Technology Trends | Digital Transformation
7. Windows 10: Become a pro with these 11 hacks
These Windows 10 tips and tricks can save you time and effort. Whether you've been using Windows 10 for years or have only recently upgraded, there are plenty of new and old tips, tricks and hidden features to learn that will make using your laptop every day faster and smoother.
Origional Story Date :9/1/2020
HowTo | CNET News
Information Technology | Software
8. Next-Gen Transportation Isn't Going Anywhere Without Data
Effectively operating the transportation systems of tomorrow is going to take more than thoughtful planning; it’s also going to require a lot of good data, experts say. This process is already playing out with the wide adoption of standardized methods for collecting and using transportation data, namely through open-source software and the Mobility Data Specification (MDS), which lays out a road map to connect mobility companies with local governments.
Origional Story Date :9/15/2020
News | Government Technology
Information Technology | Software | Business | Transportation
9. Nvidia to buy SoftBank's Arm chip division for $40 billion
Nvidia has acquired SoftBank's Arm chip division for $40 billion in cash and stock in the chip industry's largest deal ever. As part of the deal, made this Sunday, SoftBank will take an ownership stake in Nvidia that's expected to be less than 10%, the companies said in a joint statement.
Origional Story Date :9/13/2020
News | CNET News
Information Technology | Hardware | Chips
10. Wi-Fi 6 is the fastest standard yet. Wi-Fi 6E will make it even better
Speed is key with Wi-Fi, and the category has certainly been moving fast as of late. First came Wi-Fi 6, a brand-new, faster version of Wi-Fi that started hitting the market in 2019. Now, after a unanimous vote in April, the Federal Communications Commission is opening up an entire new band of spectrum to accommodate next-gen devices designed to tap into it. Devices like those are already on their way by the end of this year.
Origional Story Date :9/7/2020
News | CNET News
Information Technology | Hardware | Networking | WiFi